Monday, July 18, 2011

- has been a long time i didnt update my blog..
blog was a very famous thing dring my secondary school..
nw..everyone wil on their fb..fb..fb..
some of them even ignore their msn,friendster n blog..
i remembered during the period of my secondary school..
the first thing i wil do was open my pc n go to other ppl's blog to leave comment n update my own blog..
i really miss the time when i was in secondary school..
especially the time we study for exam together n we hav or lunch,dinner together..
i really miss tat time..
uni life??so free??so bz??
there is no real fren in my uni at all..
they jz look for the rich ppl, smart ppl..
tat's all..

1 comment:

  1. swan, don't so sad..
    here have a shoulder always for u..
    cheer up..
    so happy to see ur new update ^^